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Tri-State Bearing & Supply Company is Moving on March 25, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Delivery

Tri-State Bearing and Supply Company has a complete selection of the supplies you need for several industries ...
We distribute hundreds of thousands brand-name bearings, belting, sheaves / pulleys, chain / sprockets, seals, couplings, pumps, sprays, lubricants and more ... Some of the industries we supply include: electric motor and pump repair, aggregates, packaging and manufacturing, railroad, power generation, as well as other industrial.

Tri-State Bearing Supply also carries an inventory of many hard-to-find, discontinued parts. We are a one-stop shop for all your bearing and supply needs. Please call for more information at or request a quote Online.

Some of our featured brands:
Hub City
TB Woods
US Seal
and hundreds of others ...


"Calling Tri-State Bearing has always made me feel at ease. They have product knowledge that far surpasses the catalog companies that are out there. When I call, I know they are accurate and confident in the products that they sell."

"Knowing that Tri-State Bearing is open on Saturdays is a tremendous value that they offer. On more than one occasion, they have helped me during an emergency in which I was able to pick up product and finish the job before the start of Monday morning."

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