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About Us

Tri-State Bearing and Supply Company Incorporated is a women business enterprise established in 1980 by G. Thomas and Barbara Donch. Tri-State Bearing was originally founded to serve the tri-state marketing area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Today, Tri-State Bearing conducts business globally with customers throughout America and Canada and in the overseas markets of Europe and Asia.

Tri-State Bearing supplies pulp and paper mills, textile plants, box plants, sand and gravel quarries, asphalt plants and the aerospace industry while specializing in railroad applications. Tri-State Bearing has a strong reputation in the electric motor rebuilding industry working with machine shops.

President G. Thomas Donch had ten years experience prior to starting Tri-State Bearing with a major OEM bearing manufacturer and a background of thirteen years in distribution. The sales force provides years of experience and is equipped to handle all of the customers' demands.

Tri-State Bearing is a member of the Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) and the Power Transmission Distribution Association (PTDA). Tri-State Bearing has a reputation of providing the finest customer service and product quality while maintaining the personal contact needed to sustain these relationships.


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